Corsage - Boutonniere 101

It's Prom Season!! Yikes, you need a corsage or boutonniere or both and it's been awhile since ordering one of these!  Here are some tips to help you get through the prom flower process as easily as possible! 

Boutonnieres - single flower that men wear on the lapel. Our boutonnieres come with a single flower of your choice (typically a rose, although freesia, or orchids can also be used) wired together with greens (we'll also include some baby's breath, if you ask for it). The boutonniere is held together with sleek green floral tape. Boutonniere price range $10 - $25 depending on type of flower.  

Corsages - this is for the women and is most often worn on the wrist (can also be worn on dress with pin).  A very popular option is the spray rose because it is lighter and more suitable for a woman's wrist than a standard size rose.  Other options are orchids, freesia, etc. The standard corsage comes on a stretchy elastic wristband (one size fits all).  We also offer glitzy jeweled or beaded band options for an additional charge. In addition to the flower, the corsages also come with greens, baby's breath (or other filler) and a ribbon in the color of your choice. Corsage price range $15 - 40.  

Making that final choice!!  Choosing the right color/flower for the corsage/boutonniere can be a challenge for customers. Some people spend a lot of time stressing out about whether or not the dress matches the flower, or if the ribbon color is the exact same hue as what their date will be wearing. It is not always easy to match Mother Nature's flowers to a dress color,  but we can usually get pretty close. When in doubt, go with white -- it matches everything!  

Please visit our Pinterest page to see many examples of Corsages and Boutonnieres.