About Us

Hi…We’re Mary Ann and Jackie Lecomte, sisters and co-owners of Fleurifik.  Established in 2004, we took over from an existing florist that had been in business for 22 years.
We're fresh and innovative and we are ready to make a difference. We're dedicated to providing the highest quality product at the best price. Customer service is also extremely important to us - we will strive to ensure that your order is handled in a professional, friendly and efficient manner from beginning to end.
Our job is to be creative! From simple bouquets to elegant arrangements for your big event…whatever the request, we can handle it.
People often ask us where we got our name - Fleurifik. We wanted something different, unique, creative and universally appealing. We also wanted something that would be easily said in French or English (since we live in Quebec). After brainstorming with Latin based names, we ended up with Fleurifik, which obviously stands for flower in French."Fleur" and a variation of the word "terrific" ( English) and "magnifique" (French). The "ik" at the end satisfies both languages. We've had a great response from our customers about the name!
By the way, we are a real florist with a real store front. Why would we need to mention that? Well, it’s because there are numerous websites offering flowers and plants, ready for delivery anywhere in the world. Many of those sites pretend to be in the city/country of your choice with a product variety beyond belief. Most of these websites are brokers - they simply collect your orders ( and a percentage of the money you spend) and then try to find a florist to fill them. If you can, try to deal with an established florist.